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Immediate need for Deck Electricians! 2+ year assignments! Pay is up to $23.56/hour! Experience:  The Deck Electrician must have three (3) or more years of experience in the electrical field – Marine or Commercial Nuclear applications. Requirements:  1.Must be able to read and interpret shipboard electrical installation drawings, wiring tables, schematics, and work packages. 2. Work independently with proper instruction. 3. Proficient in the use of basic electrical meters and test instruments (volt-ohm meter, clamp-on ammeter, insulation resistance testers (mergers, etc.). 4. General deck electrician work. (i.e. layoff and mount electrical equipment and wireways; install cable penetrations in equipment , bulkheads, and decks; cable installation; cable terminations; and cut-in and hook-up) 5. Proficient in the use of basic electrician hand tools (i.e. Pliers, wrenches, sockets, screwdrivers, connector crimping tools, etc.) 6. Physically able to climb vertical and inclined stairs and ladders, crawl, bend, stoop, work at heights, and work in confined spaces.
Immediate need for Sheet Metal Workers! 2+ year assignments! Pay is up to $27.31/hour! Experience:  Three years of experience as a first class Sheet Metal Worker in the installation of foundations, ventilation, bulkheads, shipboard furniture and sheet metal fabrication shop work Requirements:  1. Ability to comprehend complex ventilation assembly drawings, blueprints, and sketches to include weld symbols, material types, datum and reference lines. 2. Ability to comprehend fractional and decimal dimensions as with the use of a ruler. 3. Ability to layoff piece parts for fabrication and assembly. 4. Ability to assemble piece parts in accordance with specifications in a quality manner. 5. Experience working in a physically demanding environment.
Skilled Crafts
Immediate need for Pipefitters in Norfolk, VA! 2+ year assignments! Pay is up to $27.31! Experience:  Five (5) or more years as a marine, commercial nuclear, or petro/chem First Class Pipefitter. Required Experience / Qualifications: 1.Able to read and interpret ship piping drawings. 2. Experienced fitting carbon steel, CRES, and copper nickel piping. 3. Ability to end prep piping by hand and/or with Wach or Portsmouth Machine. 4. Knowledge in installing pipe hangers. 5. Ability to read a ruler using inches and tenths. 6. Ability to prep and fit-up backing rings. 7. Ability to clean cut/break pipe with a grinder. 8. Ability to hand prep V bevels. 9. Experience in fabrication of various details and assemblies from drawings. 10. Ability to bend pipe from template and in the use of a hand bender. 11. Ability to fit welded sockets. 12. Ability to fit brazed joints with/without insert ring.
Skilled Crafts
Immediate need for Insulators in Norfolk, VA! 2+ year assignments! Pay is up to $27.31! Insulators/ will be working rubber, kalo, fiberglass, pad's and haul boards. Standing for long periods of time, bending, kneeling and squatting. Working in confined spaces and around moving equipment and any other tasks assigned by the supervisor. Required Skills:  1. The ability to install, remove, and repair molded insulation which includes calcium silicate, tempmat, and finishing cement to various size piping systems (i.e., 1x1. 2x1, 3x2, 5x2, 8x3, 10x3, 24x4) 2. High quality workmanship is required (i.e., able to cut proper miters, apply fiberglass cloth over sections smoothly and without excessive glue being trapped, and use care to avoid applying adhesive on adjacent surfaces through the use of masking, drop cloths, etc. Experience :  Three (3) or more years as a marine pipe coverer applying molded pipe sections to various steam pipe systems (i.e., main steam, auxiliary steam, HPD, LPD). Also experienced in applying tempmat and block insulation to components such as turbines, pump, etc