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    I wouldn't call myself a "prepper" either but I have bought just about everything I can think of for most any "what if" scenario. I'm sure this isn't everything that's squirrelled away but like I said it's about everything I can think of if you live around any discernible threat.

    Here's a little "fun fact" you may not have heard. Before Mt. St. Helens went off in 1980 it stood about 9600' high. When it blew over 1000' off the top, I lived about 150 miles away as the crow flies and I HEARD the explosion as the superheated material hit the Toutle River and flashed. Everything within 8 miles was gone. The ash cloud reached 15 miles high and the pyroclastic flow (steam, rock, ash, trees, as the glacial material melted instantly and violently) it reached well over 600 MPH as it came down the mountain side, and fanned out roughly 23 miles wide and continued another 19 miles away from the initial blast site down into Spirit Lake into the valley and up the other side.

    Mt. Rainier is roughly 60 miles from my house now, it stands over 14,000' high and on a clear day it looks like this from my yard.

    Oh and the GPS says I'm 233' above sea level and maybe 30 - 40 miles from the coast, so if I'm still here when the "big one" (earthquake, tsunami, or volcano) hits, some might say "prepared" is a relative term. Even if I don't get hit directly I'm pretty sure most BASIC services around me will be somewhere between SNAFU and FUBAR and I'm SURE as he11 not waiting for Obama to come to rescue me.

    10 boxes of strike anywhere kitchen matches
    2 boxes windproof / storm proof matches
    10 bic lighters
    2 zippo lighters with fuel and flints
    2 cases (x6 packages) = 48 individual wax/sawdust fire starters
    6 Quarts alcohol
    1 alcohol (fondue) burner
    6 long burning emergency candles
    6 cans sterno with folding sterno stove
    1 dual fuel (Naptha, or Unleaded gas) single burner Coleman stove
    2 gallons Naphtha (Coleman fuel)
    55 gallons unleaded gas
    250 gallons diesel
    6 bags of charcoal (1/2 price during fall “clearance” sales)
    1 charcoal grill with 1 spare cooking grate for campfire

    6 cases (x6 gallons) =36 distilled water
    2x 35 gallon water storage barrels
    200 Coffee filters
    6 Britta water filters
    4 – 9oz bottles activated charcoal (aquarium filter media)
    2 bottles sealed decontamination/purification tablets
    1 Pressure cooker with 10’ copper tube (homegrown water distiller)
    2 gallons bleach (cleaner / oxidizer, disinfectant, water purification) MUST BE FRESH TO BE EFFECTIVE

    1 Surefire tactical flashlight with 24x 3volt batteries
    1 Streamlight AA flashlight
    1 AA battery wearable headlight flashlight
    1 AAA LED area light
    24 - 1.5volt rechargeable AA, and 12 AAA batteries with charger
    1 Coleman lantern with 6 mantles (mantles can be fragile if rough handling)
    1 hurricane kerosene lamp with 4 wicks (1-2 parts gas, 3 parts diesel)
    1 hand-crank/solar/AAA battery weather radio with light (the hand-crank dynamo is capable of charging internal battery, USB devices like a cell phone or GPS, or the internal AAA rechargable batteries)
    5 (half shoebox size) waterproof cases (Ziplocs add double layer protection)
    3 small, 3 medium, and 3 large Pelican waterproof cases

    Goretex jacket, pants, and boots (military surplus)
    2 pair leather work gloves
    4 pair rubber grip gloves
    2 pair insulated winter gloves
    1 pair cushion insoles
    Dedicated rain gear

    Casio Pathfinder ABC watch (built-in altimeter, barometer, compass)
    Fixed blade hunting knife
    2 Buck folding knives (HIGH quality made in the USA kind)
    2 Gerber multi-tools (military surplus)
    Compass (military surplus)
    Area map with elevations cut into single page sections and laminated (if you only have a few minutes to head to high ground you better know more than one way to get there)
    Garmin handheld hiking GPS
    Axe, hatchet, bow saw with 2 spare blades, small folding saw
    Flat file
    200’ x 5/8” climbing rope
    4 mountain climbing pulleys with stainless shackles
    4 carabineers
    1 harness

    8' zodiac inflatable (rolled up weighs a little over 40# so I can pack it in if necessary)
    2 fishing poles with tackle
    Compound bow and arrows
    Dry sack roll-up waterproof bag(s)
    1 man tent
    3 piece warm or cold weather sleeping bag with waterproof Goretex bivy (military surplus)

    Lodge cast iron frying pan (with welding gloves)
    Lodge cast iron dutch oven (same lid fits the frying pan. The lid is dished not a dome so you can pile coals on top)
    Can opener (Swing Away brand made in USA)
    Knife, fork, spoon set (high strength light weight mountaineering style)
    2 Camelback water bladders with carrier
    Mess kit
    Gallon, quart and pint Ziploc freezer bags
    2- 4oz, 2- 8oz empty plastic bottles
    12 pint, 12 quart, 6 half gallon canning jars (regular and wide mouth supplemental plastic lids will fit all jars)
    2# paraffin wax (good for waterproofing, or an air tight seal in jars, or flammable fuel)
    Q tips
    Cotton balls (cotton and Vaseline can be fire starter)
    3 pair reading glasses (2 normal, 1 extra strong)
    magnifying glass
    2 - 20’ x 50' rolls heavy 6 mil. Plastic
    2 tarps 10' x 20'
    1 large box 3 mil. Contractor trash bags
    2 large bottles Tide laundry soap
    2 bottles Dawn antibacterial dish soap
    2 bottles hand sanitizer (also flammable)
    6 rolls toilet paper
    4 soft packs (x 80 sheets) baby wipes (1 wipe does a MUCH better job than lots of TP and a little comfort goes a long way especially if you are hiking)
    4 super glue (for gear repair and closing wounds)
    200’ paracord (1000’ is better)
    2 rolls Duct tape
    2 rolls PVC electrical tape
    1 roll 12 gauge (.029") stainless steel piano wire (snares, traps, long distance, high tensile strength won't break)

    Now I'd be the first to admit that you will see toward the end my first aid kit it's WAY over the top, but the first half you can get OTC from Walmart or a drug store
    Aspirin, Tylenol
    left over unexpired pain killers and anti-biotics
    * Flagyl (see below)
    Antihistamines (for allergies or allergic reactions)
    Motion sickness pills (compact but OTC is only mildly effective)
    Anti-diarrhea pills (compact but OTC is only mildly effective)
    Astringent wipes
    Alcohol wipes
    Pure Aloe Vera Burn cream
    Neosporin x3
    3 quarts each alcohol and hydrogen peroxide
    Thermometer (for body temps)
    6 various compression (Ace) bandages
    4 various rolls gauze
    20 assorted gauze pads
    Exacto knife and spare blades (for non-surgical situations)
    Curved craft needles (gear repair or temporary emergency wound closure)
    Dental floss (doubles as high strength thread for gear repairs)
    3 bottles B complex vitamins
    3 bottles Vitamin C
    10 bags Ricola cough drops
    1 cough syrup (the STRONG kind)
    Ear drops and eye drops (compact but OTC is only mildly effective)

    (First Aid from hiking stores)
    4 blood clot trauma packs
    12 single use packs rehydration salts (for treatment of severe diarrhea or dehydration)
    2 rolls 1/4" x 10’ latex surgical tubing (Home Depot)
    Syringes and needles (farm supply)

    (First Aid Army surplus)
    Minor surgical kit: sterile sealed scalpel, hemostats, sutures, tweezers, alcohol wipes
    Sterile sealed suture removal kit
    Povidone / Iodine / betadine solution(s)
    Airway tube
    NAR saline lock kit
    IV tube, and needles
    Splint for broken bones
    Sterile tourniquet
    Hot and cold chemical compression packs

    *Flagyl requires a prescription in the US but if you find yourself in Mexico you can get some over the counter. It’s great for treatment of parasites in contaminated water like Giardia that give you the $hits (It can make you very sick as I found out the hard way in Thailand), and may cause severe dehydration leading to death, (as some who survived hurricane Katrina but died from contaminated water found out the hard way). Texicans taking regular dips in the Red River might skip this step.

    Stihl farm boss chainsaw with 2 gallons bar oil and 2 spare chains, chainsaw file, and wedges
    6x 100# propane bottles (enough for 12 months of RV living)
    55 gallons unleaded gas, 250 gallons diesel fuel (also mentioned above)
    Camp Chef hot water heater 'cause even in a zombie apocalypse a guy needs a hot shower. (Creek, hose, and 12 volt RV water pump sold separately)
    2 Honda EU2000i generators (I'd suggest 2 more barrels of unleaded for constant full-time usage, and one will need to be the "companion" model if you want to link them)
    Little Chief smoker
    Foodsaver vacuum sealer and 10 rolls of "bags"
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    Your not gonna make any intelligent people mad olhand we have learned to overlook ignorance a long time ago, having said that 911 truthers are f@%$in idiots. my almost 30 years experience in heavy industrial and 4 years in the U.S. Army(ranger,eod,survival schools several,pow school and a bunch u wouldn't even believe existed), and having been chased by 2 communist governments on there soil. gives me the knowledge to know that 911 truthers are F%$#IN IDIOTS! Just statin a fact brothers, that's why I served for everyones freedom even the F@#%IN IDIOTS! But I know a lot of highly skilled people who are way out there? hope I didn't offend anybody but if I did well this is MERICA people go cry to your touching feely gay friends. GOD BLESS THE U.S.A.

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    You have acquired a bunch of stuff.
    Compared to most folks I would have to say you ARE a prepper.
    I think it might be a bit too much to tote - but nice for a remote stowage on your little piece of God's green earth.
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    Robert B Fox IV

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    You might think it's a lot to haul but all of the small items fit in 3 cases. All of the common household items like water, TP, bleach, laundry soap and charcoal are in one spot but not in a case; but all of the emergency supplies are packed and stacked in a corner of the garage and only come out if I happen to need something for a day then goes right back.

    What doesn't fit are the barrels, charcoal, generators and propane of course but all of those items will fit in the back of my truck and an enclosed 5'x7' Haulmark trailer pretty easily. I also have an enclosed 6'x12' Haulmark I'm going to convert from single axle to dual so it will handle the weight more easily and give me room for a bunk on top. I hadn't planned on "bugging out" with everything, but if something like that becomes necessary I have empty cases to load with food stores or household items and both the larger styles have wheels on the bottom and handles on 3 sides. I'm very happy with them, they are Mil. Spec. and of course made in USA.

    I've done the math and the liquids are the heaviest naturally. A steel barrel of fuel is about 400# A smaller plastic barrel of water is just under 300#, and the full 100# propane cylinders are about 175# each depending on the manufacturer. I generate more fuel points at the store than I typically need so I use them to fuel the barrels. Diesel is headed back up and I saved nearly $1 a gallon and just paid $2.19 after the discount. I typically use them and rotate stock seasonally so nothing sits more than 6 months to a year.

    This one for the hardware and outdoor items: (I have 3 and only 1 is full)

    This one for the personal items: (I have 2 and 1 is full)

    This one for first aid: (this case is full but I also have 1 a little bigger and 1 slightly smaller which are empty)

    smaller (no foam)

    bigger (no foam)

    In 2008 oil was trading at $140 a barrel, and a year later it was $40. Today it's trading at $60 but the Saudi's are talking about increasing production again to get the price back down. (The reason is not really economic it's at least in part political to screw the Russians and Iranians sneaking around together in the whole Sunni - Shiite problem).
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    Quote Originally Posted by bobfoxiv View Post
    OK - I let it rest.
    New discussion - what happens if Greece defaults on their IMF loan at the end of the month?
    Well .... it's the end of the month and I guess I never really answered your question but I think this news story shows pretty dramatically what happens (especially for the Greeks). Neither the banks, nor the stock market will open on Monday, and cash machine withdrawals are limited to 60 euro's a day. Personally I don't understand why so many people are stupid even at this point in their life to ignore world history and world events and trust the financial services industry.

    I expect the same thing will happen in this country and if you are still relying on the banking system today, you may already be too late. I have 95% of my cash in my possession and a little bit in an account or two in case of the inevitable. I was a Washington Mutual customer during their failure and acquisition by Chase and saw what's coming a long time ago so the bulk of my money will never go into another financial institution again. I don't care about direct deposit and if a company insists on it I either turn the job down, or if it's something I don't want to pass on I simply pull the money out ASAP after deposit. Be advised when you pull your cash out of the bank too fast the bankers are obligated to file a SAR so you may get a knock on the door by the jackbooted thieves.

    The last time we had a run on the banks was 1929. The Greeks are having theirs now.
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    Here you go Bob. Forget about Greece ... America's future is Puerto Rico's present. ... default

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    I saw that this morning.
    Interesting stuff.
    Robert B Fox IV

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    So the Dow dropped 300 points today, (the worst one-day of 2015) and has lost 500 points in the last week. That's over 2% of it's value.
    The Euro stoxx 50 lost 4.2%
    The German DAX lost 3.5%
    The French CAC 40 lost 3.7%
    The Shanghai composite lost 3%
    The Japanese Nikkei lost 2.8%

    I don't have a 401K so I'm not worried about my "nest egg" but as I've been screaming for the last 6 years ... "what's going to happen to INSURANCE when the stock market takes a dump"? REAL issues like the housing crash, or Greece and Puerto Rico defaulting on debt creates a problem but I personally believe Credit Default Swaps are what will cause the kind devastation I'm expecting.


    The stock market is the most volatile of the big 3 "axis of financial evil". It takes very little for large and small investors to react to every hiccup. The PROBLEM is that some of these long term investors are insurance companies. Insurance companies are the least volatile because they have a regular infusion of CASH in the form of premiums. Banks are the second most volatile because they rely on LOANS, INTEREST, FEES AND these dangerous credit default swaps to generate income.
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    According to Bloomberg, the Shanghai Composite Index fell 5.8 percent Friday to 3,686.92, bringing the decline since its June 12 peak to 29 percent. More than $2.8 trillion of value has been erased from the Chinese stock market during that time, an abrupt end to the longest bull market in the nation’s history.

    With the Shanghai gauge tumbling more than twice as fast as any other index worldwide, regulators also pledged to investigate potential market manipulation and have unveiled other measures to comfort the nation’s 90 million individual investors. The government on Friday said it planned to make it more expensive to speculate on stock index futures.

    You may want to ask yourself how nearly 1/3 of those stock values evaporated ... and if it was because of "manipulation" by who, and can the same thing happen to us. (when they finally figure out how we did it to them).

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    For the record in the last 3 weeks China stock market fell 1500 points.

    The good news is the price of a barrel of crude oil is 1/2 of what it was 2 years ago, the bad news is the price for a gallon of gas has only fallen by 1/4. (I wonder who is pocketing the difference?)
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