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    Just wanted to share because you understand.

    My birthday is in two weeks and as gift to myself i came down off the iron 3 weeks ago and retired from ironwork. I recieved my statement last week. Well........ My brothers made a number of facebook posts....brash as they were... Ironworker lingo of coarse.... Now have folks calling and checking on me...... Seems that....i have finally come out of the closest at my age???? And i like redneck boys!!!folks from church are praying for me!!!!! My father (80 years old..god love him.} from south carolina says i was'nt raised that way. Hell.... He's praying too... One ironworker stated he would h&b with me baby!!!!! All day long!!!! (hanging and banging) not (not humpin and bumpin) today is a great day!!!!! Ihave never laughed so hard in my life. Thanks for the early birthday present. For those of you how don't know me!!!

    My name is richard cockman!!!!! Yep dick!!!!! Been a dick all my life!! I'm straight with a beautiful wife!!!!! Money in da bank! To my trade.

    P.s. F ironwork!!!!
    May God Bless All My Brothers and Keep You Safe!!!!

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    Have a happy, queer retirement, you arnhead! Glad to hear you made it! Keep having fun, and don't worry, we can still get er done... just stay away from tall buildings and cranes! Best wishes. My dad will retire in a month. you lucky fucks!
    sometimes you just gotta... \"hit the road\"

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    Happy retirement (just in time) Ecc 9:9,10
    Nonsense like that and election riots whipped up on 'social media' are just more reasons I think FB has no redeeming social qualities

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