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    Tips to improve the construction workflow


    Finished off my last project in the year and feels great. It was a big one and felt really satisfied. It was an industrial unit for recycling scrap metals. After every project, we as a team sit and analysis the positives and negative we had to face in the project. Felt like we needed to manage the workflow a little better. There was some avoidable delays in the project bu tin the end we were able to complete it before the deadline.
    I always search for ways to improve and I came across an interesting piece on improving workflow at a construction site. What I understand is that the communication link with the suppliers was complicated resulting loss of time and energy. This is from the article-

    "You can improve workflow at your construction site by reaching out to a third party service provider that offers storage and warehousing solutions. With such options, you’ll be able to keep your equipment and materials in a safe location when they’re not needed. For instance, you might not require certain equipment or materials during the early stages of construction projects, so having somewhere to keep them securely stored until they’re needed will provide precious space and facilitate the orderly accomplishment of the project."

    I was thinking that for the next project I can seek the 3rd party logistics vendors for the industrial supplies. It can save tiem and share responsibility. I would like to know whether 3PL is a viable option in obtaining the construction materials both financially and efficiently? Please share your thoughts on this.

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