We recently surveyed 20+ construction managers about how they effectively manage their teams. They shared everything from their daily routines, to advice for interacting with project owners, and best practices in project management. You can check out the full article here: How 20 Teams Actually Manage Construction Projects

Included in the responses:

  • That the best way to achieve schedule and maintain budget is a strict adherence to quality and business procedures, and only working with subcontractors who adhere to the same values. -Dominic Santos, CDM Smith
  • Get the most experienced craftsmen you can. -Ike, AECOM
  • Plan ahead. -Nick Sleboda, Wight Construction
  • Stay calm and in your element! Always take any education that is offered. Check your work before you send out bids. Talk to the general and the subs as there is always something you can learn. -Jim Peacock, OíConnor Construction Management
  • It takes a TEAM to accomplish anything. We all have to work together toward the end goal or else it is a disaster. -Quinn, Brahma Group
  • Balance expectations with ability, and seek to understand and develop people instead of change them. -Cory, Company Not Given
  • Communication is the key to a successful project and project team. -Cyle Coles
  • Be flexible and never take yourself too seriously. -Chris Burun, Stahl Companies
  • Itís important to know your drawings and specs. -Stacy, AECOM
  • Relationships are everything. -John Walls, Shea Homes
  • Construction management is all about knowing who to ask for help. You cannot know everything about construction. -Carolyn Bonaventura, CDM Smith
  • People are your greatest asset. -Steve Bergeron, Jacobs Field Services
  • Detail, Detail, Detail. Things donít just magically happen, although sometimes it seems that way. Itís the little things that can make or break the success of your project. Itís the little things that seem to fall through the cracks. So, donít lose sight of the little things and be sure to communicate those little things to your team. ďMany hands make light workĒ. Same thing applies to managing the little things. Do it as a team. Makes it easier to manage that way and engages others. -John Golly, AdvanceTEC
  • Every issue one encounters may have a cost and schedule impact that needs to be monitored and managed in order to have a successful project. -Ken Rock, Tishman Speyer
  • Treat contractors the way you want to be treated. Be firm but fair with them. -Dennie Ashby, Site Manager
  • Projects that are truly successful to all parties are built by people who have placed significant focus on creating good relationships with each other and who foster positive constructive and proactive communication. -Brett Brenize, Gannett Fleming
  • Your plan should be your gospel. Never throw away your plan when you hit a bump in the road. Figure out the detour, get around the bump, and get back on your plan! -Roger George, AECOM
  • No one person builds a project, it takes a lot of people who need to be able to communicate, collaborate to solve problems and make the best informed decisions. As a GC, we rely on our trade partners to make the process successful. Building a solid plan and sticking to the plan is key. -Ricardo Khan, Mortenson Construction
  • Time is of the essence and the Partnering process works. -Don, STV, Inc.
  • Listen more and talk less. This works well in life as well. -Alex Ray, Smith, Seckman, Reid, Inc.

Full article: How 20 Teams Actually Manage Construction Projects