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    Hardest / best steel?

    Hi guys!

    Since we're using a lot of steel in our industry, I was wondering which type is the best? There are many steel alloys around which can be tempered with a million different techniques.
    Of course I am aware that you need different types of steel for different purposes. But still, what's the best kind of steel for, let's say, construction framework? And does it need any tempering/hardening? I just learned about borocoat which is a sub-technique of boronizing. Do you think that kind of hardening is superior to older techniques such as induction hardening?

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    German. American. Brazillion. From now on I'm just guessing: jap, chech, any europiean countries, malaysion chinese, arabic. I have extensive experience fitting carbon steel pipe from these countries, with the exception of Germany. These are mostly A53 or A106 mild carbon hot rolled welded to b31.3 specs. YOU need to ask some more specific questions about the project you have in mind. Application will determine the steel to be used. Word of the day: Weldability. Also; the hardest steel would render the weakest building! Study Ductility, flex, elasticity, and tensile strength. I love this stuff!
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