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    Advice/Recommendations... Steel frame construction

    I'm planning to construct a office building by the end of this year. As I'm staying in Toronto, I would preferably have it at the same location. Planning is on the progress. Looking forward to build with the width of 30' to 100' feet and length 30' to 200' and eave height 10' to 26' and roof top 1/2:12, 1:12, 3:12, 4:12. ans prefer to have a straight column. Does any one knows the cost (approx.) of this? I would like to know your suggestions of the area and the pros and cons thereafter. Need to confirm the total area.
    Your expert suggestions will be highly appreciated as it helps me lot. I hope the steel buildings last long. Hope to finish the work by march of the next year.
    Thanks in advance

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    The overall cost of the panel system can vary greatly based on the type of material that is used (ie, steel, aluminum, etc) and the type of panel system used (ie, standing seam roofing or exposed fastener system).
    Take a look at Roshmetal company.Check out their web site for details on their Metalworking program.

    Standing seam panels will be your premium system. They are the most weathertight and can handle low sloped roofs however they will generally have a higher material cost and are more labor intensive to install. Exposed fastener systems will generally cost less and are easier to install however they often can not handle very low sloped roofs.

    Since there are so many variables, it would be best to work with a local manufacturer/dealer to find the best system to meet your needs.

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