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    Cool ok....

    Y'all can hold your breath longer than me. Well.... my daddy 'cudda whupt yourn.

    Olhand here. I proudly take credit for trying to put a breath of life back into this once blithering site.

    Anyway - got some stuff to sell. Cheap. Tried to put in the selling forum but couldn't make it work. Soooo...

    This is mainly for NC WELDERS but anyone who might be interested has one (1) week to let me know. Other wise it's going on Craigslist locally. I'm just giving you guys first shot at owning the tools of one who was a legend in his own mind.

    I have a pristine (except paint on top.) KNACK Model 32 Job Master with Watchman sliding lock system. Fine box. Think I paid $350 five years ago.

    The box is 2/3 full of new and almost new welding instruments, e.g. new high quality welding gloves. Several cutting tips in boxes. Klein spuds (3). New 5" grinding discs in box. New colored grinding shield lenses. Rain gear, etc., etc. And much more. Most new and what's not is in damn fine condition. I took care of my shi.... stuff. Working on a detailed list.

    If anyone's interested my e-mail is listed here.

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