Certified Riggers Needed at Various Nuclear & Fossil sites

  • BHI Energy
  • Nov 19, 2019
Skilled Crafts

Job Description



  • Minimum has 3 years rigging experience in either NUCLEAR or FOSSIL PLANTS
  • Provide supporting documented field experience and is proficient in the sizing up of loads, assembling of rigging to lift, and move equipment or materials around site during maintenance activities.
  • Perform daily per-use inspection of equipment being used.
  • Participate in pre-job briefings.
  • Use and properly operate basic rigging equipment/tooling   i.e. slings, chokers, cables, come-a-longs, chain falls, shackles, eye bolts, beam clamps, etc.
  • Loads, transports, unloads and assists in selecting cables, ropes, pulleys, winches, blocks and sheaves, according to weight and size of load to be moved.
  • Attaches pulley and blocks to fixed overhead structures, such as beams, ceilings and gin pole booms with bolts and clamps.
  • Attaches load with grappling devices such as loops, wires, ropes and chains to crane hook.
  • Gives direction to crane operator or hoisting engineer engaged in hoisting and moving loads to ensure safety of workers and materials handled using hand signals, loudspeaker, two-way radio or telephone.
  • Sets up braces and rigs hoisting equipment using hand tools and power wrenches.
  • Has ability to tie various knots.
  • Coordinate the movement of hands and feet according to visual signals and directions.
  • Verify per-use equipment inspections have been completed prior to operation.
  • Follow safe work practices.
  • Use administrative documents, procedures, data sheets/forms properly.
  • Climb and work from ladders and scaffolding.
  • Lift minimum of fifty pounds over head.
  • Must be qualified rigger and signalman in accordance with applicable plant procedures



  • NCCER Certification or equivalent qualification: Nuclear
  • NCCCO or EPRI: Fossil