A Few Examples of Past and Current Advertisers:

  • Adkore Megaforce
  • Agassiz Industrial Group, LLC
  • A-LERT
  • Amec Foster Wheeler
  • Ameriforce
  • Austin Industrial
  • B&H Contractors, Inc.
  • BHI Energy
  • Bilfinger Westcon
  • BIS Industrial Services
  • Blattner Energy
  • BOWEN Engineering
  • Casey Industrial
  • CB&I
  • Coastal Mechanical
  • Consolidated Fabrication & Constructors, Inc.
  • Core Crew
  • Creek Electric Inc.
  • Day&Zimmermann
  • Diversified Labor Support, LLC
  • DL Jones Construction
  • Esco Tools - Millhog
  • Falck Safety Services
  • GA Trade School
  • GBI Great Basin Industrial
  • Granite
  • Greenberry Industrial
  • GRUS International
  • HAWK Installation & Construction
  • Interstates
  • ISS Integrity Staffing Services
  • ITAC Industrial Construction
  • Ivey Mechanical
  • Johnson Bros.
  • KBR
  • Lee Mechanical Contractors
  • LPR Construction
  • Metalskills
  • MMR Group
  • OC Overland Contracting
  • Peterson Beckner Industries
  • PCL Construction
  • PCE Constructors
  • Pittsburgh Tank & Tower Group
  • Pro Serv Industrial Contractors
  • Process Barron
  • ProEnergy
  • Quality Kiln & Dryer
  • RAYCO Industrial Inc.
  • RMR Mechanical
  • RMS Energy
  • Rust Constructors Inc.
  • S&B Engineers & Constructors, Ltd.
  • SACK Construction and Maintenance
  • Schueck Steel
  • SGL Constructors
  • Southern Industrial Constructors
  • Summit Industrial Construction
  • Systems Group
  • TATE Metalworks
  • Talon Electrical-Mechanical Group
  • TANCO Engineering, Inc.
  • TARA Plant Construction Inc.
  • TEK Construction
  • Texas Industrial Partners
  • Thompson Construction
  • TIC
  • TITAN Contracting
  • Total Mechanical Inc.
  • Tradeforce Staffing
  • Tradesmen International
  • Trillium Construction
  • TruCraft Construction & Building Services
  • Turner Industries
  • United Tank Services
  • US Trades LLC
  • Valley Mechanical
  • Wanzek
  • Williams Steel Erection Co., Inc.

Industrial Projects Report Testimonials:

"We get more response out of The Industrial Projects Report than any other source we deal with"

Billy Joe Arie, Performance Contractors
“We appreciate the great service and we have acquired some quality craftsmen from our ads.”

Charla Davis, YATES Construction
"Tradesmen International considers The Industrial Projects Report one of our main recruiting resources for both high-caliber industrial and marine-dedicated craftsmen. We use both the Hotsheet publication and their on-line advertising opportunities as a means to fortify our core permanent workforce with experienced craft professionals with specialized skills and credentials. “The publication has also been used successfully as a means to introduce our services and corresponding benefits to our contractor and shipbuilding prospects...many who are now long- standing, valued clients."

Ed Rojeck, Tradesmen International
"Thanks for your help and for what Industrial Projects Report does. The hotsheet and website are a big help in finding manpower for manning our projects. Thanks again"

Jarrell Slaughter, Project Superintendent, Hawk Installation & Construction Inc.
“Industrial Projects I feel is a great opportunity for job seekers to look at different companies available throughout the United States for different career options. The people within this company are professional, friendly, helpful, and provide excellent service to their customers.”

Sarah Plumlee, Human Resources Assistant, KS Industries, LP
"We are more than satisfied with you and your services and feel without our hot projects ad on your website and in your publication we would not have been able to man our project with the skilled craft personnel that we needed so quickly. As a side note I want you to know what a pleasure it has been working with you personally. You guys are the best!"

Shawn Layman, ROC, Inc. Project Mg, -September 22, 2016
"Ameri-Force supports emergent manpower requirements in the industrial sector. The ability to reach skilled workers is critical to our business. Recent economic conditions require cost controls and a "do less with more" advertising budget. Industrial Project Report partners with us to optimize our exposure to a valuable workforce with affordable, flexible job posting solutions. The candidates who come to Ameri-Force from our IPR postings are skilled, experienced and qualified for the projects we support. The IPR team is responsive and the customer service is exemplary. The publication contains informative and insightful information about projects and companies of interest to our clients, employees and candidate pool, making it a valuable part of our marketing strategy."

Brandy Davies, Director of Recruiting, Ameriforce -September 22, 2016
“We received lots of phone calls and resumes from our shutdown ad placed in the Industrial Projects Report that greatly helped us in manning our shutdown with quality craft professionals " "We'll use you again!"

Jason Rogers, Project Manager, Turner Industries -October 5, 2016
"Your services have been outstanding!"

Kelly Dyer - East Coast Mechanical - June 2017
"My office is ready to lynch me! We have had an overwhelming amount of calls and e-mails. We are still shell shocked!!!! LOL!!! Thanks!!!"

James Markle, Project Manager, Standard Maintenance Company, LLC, Standard Sheet Metal Works, LLC
"The Industrial Projects Report posted our scrolling marquee ad online and within minutes of my asking and, within the hour, my phone was ringing off the hook with candidates. It is great exposure when you have an immediate need for manpower."

Dana Hohn, HR Manager, LPR Construction
"The Hotsheet was instrumental in providing our projects with the national exposure needed to inform qualified candidates about our craft employment needs."

Will Jones, District HR Recruiter, PCL Industrial Construction
"The Industrial Projects Report is a major contributor to our recruiting needs. The Report has the industry cornered on the type of workers we need and that makes all the difference. Thank you for taking exceptional care of your clients!"

Rita Burciaga, Sr. Corporate Recruiter, CCC Group, Inc.
"Advertising in the Hot Sheet is the only advertising we really need to do for skilled craft. Our website has a healthy database of candidates thanks to the advertising and when we post our phone number, the phones don’t stop ringing. It is a well known publication in the industry that gets results for hiring needs."

Dana Hohn, HR Manager, LPR Construction
"I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you at Industrial Project Reports for everything you do to help us communicate with the construction craft professionals of today. Your timely service in regards to email blast notifications, scrolling marquees and of course your always creative monthly magazine ads have been a huge success! Becon appreciates your timely and ongoing support. Becon has been able to make some very good contacts and recruit some very qualified workers via communication methods you have offered as a service. We look forward to a long-term relationship as our workload is continuing to increase!" Thanks again!

DeAnn Gill, Industrial Relations Manager, Becon Construction Company, Inc.
"I hired some of the best guys I ever worked with using your magazine. I will never use the newspaper again to hire guys for my projects."

Randy Hannah, West Alabama Mechanical
"We have had tremendous responses from our ads and ticker with IPR. We cannot thank you enough...great job!"

Julie Burns, TSI Professional
"The response from our ad in your magazine has been phenomenal. I can't thank you enough. We will definitely use the Hotsheet to advertise for all our construction worker needs."

Joyce Cave, Innovative Refrigeration Systems. Inc.
"We thank you so much for the great responses we received from posting in your magazine."

Bridget Philbrick, Western Industrial Contractors
"The response to the ad has been overwhelmingly positive. I will definitely use your publication again!"

Charles White, Trico Services
"I cannot keep up with the responses we received from our ad. Can we wait 'til about September to run it again?"

Jay T. Fuss, J.A. Jones Construction Company

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Our Clients

"We are more than satisfied with you and your services and feel without our hot projects ad on your website and in your publication we would not have been able to man our project with the skilled craft personnel that we needed so quickly. As a side note I want you to know what a pleasure it has been working with you personally. You guys are the best!"

Shawn Layman, ROC, Inc. Project Mg, -September 22, 2016

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